Aclan Pest Control is a family operated business based in Saskatoon.  Our experience in pest control  is what really sets us apart from the other guys.  We pride ourselves for providing the best pest control services possible.  At Aclan Pest Control the latest tools and equipment for pesticide application are at our disposal to better help with your pest control problems.  We specialize in structural pest control including bed bug extermination.

We believe in providing a completely transparent approach to delivering services to our customers.  For most pest control services we provide the quantity and product names for a particular service.  That way we can ensure you know exactly what your buying.  All pesticides have restricted uses and we provide a link to the product labels page.  By law, all products have to be applied exactly as the label specifies.  Feel free to review the product label section to learn more about how the products are used.  

Pesticides is a loaded word in today's world.  All the products Aclan Pest Control professional's have are used according to the label for it's specific and intended use. Pyrethrum a natural insecticide, is derived from the flowers of the plants, Chrysanthemum cinerariaefolium and Chrysanthemum cineum.  Today, most pesticides have extracts of the specific synthetic chemical analogs of pyrethrum.  The insecticidal compounds of pyrethrum are known as pyrethrins.  Most of the pesticide sprays used today that contain synthetic pyrethroids, are longer lasting and have improved knockdown ability than their natural counterpart.  When used with the proper precautions they are proven to be effective options for pest control. 

Safety is the number one priority.  All our technicians use protective gloves, clothing and eye and respiratory protection while applying chemical sprays.  We use Westex UltraSoft® clothing that protects from electric arc and flash fire exposures.  Our masks are 3M™ Half and Full Facepiece Reusable Respirators paired with specially designed filters and cartridges for pest control.  Gloves in pest control must be highly chemical resistant so we use 12" Atlas® Fully Coated Nitrile Pro Gloves.


At Aclan Pest Control we believe pest control should be efficient, effective and economical.  Interac® Debit and major credit cards accepted at your door.  We try to offer all services and treatments at a competitive rate.  If you know of a competitor offering a lower rate for a similar service, let us know and we may be able to offer a better price.

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